Advancing Legal Tech- Are You Ready?

by 24 Oct 2018

By: Staff, LexisNexis NZ

Technology is revolutionising the legal industry at unprecedented rates. Technological developments infiltrate every part of modern life, and the legal profession is no different. The way we obtain information, organise it and use it is increasingly enhanced by huge and rapid advancements in technology. The potential for new legal tech exists everywhere in the USA, more than 280 legal tech start-ups have raised $757 million since 2012.[1] Embracing evolving legal technology is no longer a choice if you want to keep pace with the profession. Technology is vital to the success of the modern law firm. The current speed at which the legal industry is evolving is concerning at best legal tech is gaining momentum. Not only are smart tech solutions already here, theyre constantly updating. Anyone who doesnt update and improve will be left far behind.

In a world where information is accessible everywhere, lawyers need to be on the top of their game to flourish. This means being embedded in information networks and efficient research systems. Success comes from inclusivity and access. Legal tech benefits the underserviced legal market the most simple problems can be solved in more affordable ways. New products can provide legal services that were previously unaffordable for customers.[2]

LexisNexis is embracing change head-on. With a long history of providing research solutions, we have used our market knowledge to advance our technology. We responded to your feedback by designing our platform for the way you work. Research needs to reflect the best of your knowledge and abilities. While everyone needs to save time, expertise in delivering legal services is irreplaceable. No one wants to sacrifice efficiency for precision. All successful firms advance alongside technology. The idea of new technology should not be a pain point! The best solutions come to those with an open mind. Lexis Advance is packed with improved features to provide an efficient system that will help you return on investments.

Lexis Advance is a high-powered, simple yet innovative online research platform that provides legal professionals with trusted research solutions. Designed with your efficiency in mind, Lexis Advance is refreshingly intuitive. It provides you with access to premium content including the Pacifics largest and most current case citatory, CaseBase®Case Citator and LINXPlus, the ultimate online searchable case law research tool, incorporating over 140,000 case summaries of judgments and 120,000 indexed journal articles. Lexis Advance includes Lexis Practical Guidance, your first port of call for accessing the practical legal content you need every day. Lexis Practical Guidance guides you through everyday research matters, while the inclusion of links to deeper research on Lexis Advance ensures you have the comprehensive resources and guidance you need.

Embracing new research technology will enhance your value to your clients. LexisNexis is an indispensable partner, here to ensure you have authoritative, accurate and comprehensive information. Legal customers today have more access to information than ever before, and they know what they want. Their ability to choose means lawyers need to maximise their time and knowledge. If you want to advance your practice, youll need to be a knowledge leader and learn how to leverage technology in delivering the best legal services.

Lexis Advance will help you search with confidence, discover critical titles, manage your workflow and build your case efficiently giving you back more time to do what matters most.

  • Tap into the latest news and legal information contained in more than 4.5 million documents from over 450 publications.
  • Cutting-edge search technology ensures you never miss critical research content. Search across all your trusted LexisNexis subscriptions with one query, starting from a single search box.
  • You can use search keywords, case citations, or employ a full Boolean search from a single search bar, saving time and clicks.
  • Fine-tuned search algorithms give you the flexibility to search by publication or across all available publications.[3]

Leap from enquiry to analysis to insight on a single platform, with an interface that anticipates your path to results. Trust your intuition, and youll find what you want just where youd expect. The best solutions are when technology works with you. Lexis Advance is designed to help with workflow management by making it flexible and simple. Your research process will be streamlined and can be seamlessly combined with Practical Guidance. You wont have to sacrifice efficiency for precision with these additional time-saving features:

  • Alerts – Share your Alerts with others inside and outside your organisation and track specific events that could impact your matter.
  • The Research Map - A graphical view of your research activity – a step by step display, including search refinements, the documents you viewed and the links you followed. Go back at any time to review your research and pick up where you left off. Analytical tools help with finding similar documents and finding results in common between different searches.
  • Work folders – Develop your case more easily with the ability to store your legal research results all in one place.
  • Jump to Pinpoint page – Select a pinpoint cite reference and move directly to the page cited.
  • CaseBase provides an instant view of the status of a case, with CaseBase signals displayed in search results, judgments and for cases saved in folders.[4]

The expectation from clients is that they want to see their lawyers doing the heavy lifting, but dont want to pay for routine work, and tech is making more and more aspects of legal work routine.[5] Lexis Advance makes the heavy lifting easy. For example, you can easily identify the legal issues relevant to your matter using patented legal research innovations like Research Map.

The new Lexis Advance release was launched on 8 September 2018 and included enhancements to both functionality and usability, helping you to continue streamlining your online legal research process. Weve always chosen to make things different. And those differences deliver.








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