Exclusive Feature: Navigating New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering Scheme

New Zealand is a target for money launderers, with more than $1 billion estimated to be funnelled through the country each year. It’s crucial for your legal firm to be up to speed on how to spot it and stop it. And if you need help with that process, the Trust, Integrity & Compliance Company (TICC) is ahead of the pack in implementing effective, efficient, cost-saving AML processes for a broad range of businesses.

This important article discusses:

  • Why money-laundering is such an issue – and why it could affect your firm
  • Key signs and signals of money laundering occurring
  • Important changes in AML legislation in NZ
  • Avoiding the “stages of grief” when it comes to AML processes
  • The benefits of external agencies in handling possible money laundering procedures

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