Wellington lawyer sticks spear-fishing record

by Sol Dolor16 Jan 2017
A record that has stood for more than four decades was broken by a Wellington lawyer who caught a massive blue warehou over the weekend.
According to a Radio NZ report, Eddie Jackson speared the 6.155 kg fish on Saturday morning at Makara while hunting kingfish.
The fish is the heaviest ever speared in New Zealand waters, the publication noted, adding that the previous record was for a fish caught in the same area in 1973.
The new record is just 25 grams over the previous record and is made more special by the depth at which the fish was caught.
The report notes that the 25-year-old speared the blue warehou at just five meters underwater. These fish live at 50 meters to 200 meters, it added.
The lawyer had no inkling he had broken the record and initially did not mind the fish all that much.
“So I put it up on the boat, didn't get too excited, chucked it in the chilly bin, put it on ice, I just carried on with my dive. So we had no idea until about an hour later,” he is quoted saying.
“We'll have dinner sometime next week on it - something special. Has to be a bit more than fish and chips, I guess!”
His record can be challenged for the next month, however.

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