US bar exam takers ill after eating catered food

by Sol Dolor05 Aug 2016
Bar exams are stressful enough without anything else going wrong but some test takers of the Georgia bar exam in the US had more to deal with in the latest round of the assessment.

According to Above the Law, a source told them that the convention center where the Georgia bar exam was held required that all schools use just one catering company for the lunches on days 1 and 2 of the exam.

Fair enough, since this can essentially be chalked up to having a more efficient system. However, as ATL notes, a single blunder with the catering will mean everyone who took the exam could possibly be affected.

On the second day of the test, ATL’s source said that, “There were kids running down the aisles to make it to the bathroom during the multiple choice questions and several had to spend that night in the emergency room for IV Fluids it was so bad.”

It was possibly all due to the ham or turkey they were served during the bar exam, as only those students who chose those were affected.