Two lawyers suspended for misconduct

by NZ Lawyer03 Jul 2014
The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal has suspended two lawyers from legal practice.

The first, Michaela Greaney, has been suspended for two years from 9 July 2013.

The tribunal upheld a charge of misconduct brought by the New Zealand Law Society.

It found that she had engaged in conduct unconnected with the provision of regulated services but which would justify a finding that she was not a fit and proper person or was otherwise unsuited to engage in practice as a lawyer.

The conduct which resulted in the charge included committing criminal offences and/or embarking on a course of conduct to avoid answering the charges.

Formerly of Tauranga, Greaney now lives overseas. She failed to appear before the Tauranga and Rotorua District Courts to answer the charges. Both courts have issued warrants for her arrest.

On 29 May 2013 the woman was arrested and charged with refusing an officer’s request for a blood specimen, driving in a dangerous manner and with driving under the influence.

As a result Greaney was suspended from driving for 28 days and released on police bail.

On 25 June 2013 she was arrested again and charged with driving while her licence was suspended.

Greaney was ordered to pay the New Zealand Law Society’s full legal costs of $8,805 and was also ordered to reimburse the Law Society for the costs of the hearing.

In the other case, the tribunal has suspended Auckland barrister Anthony Banbrook for seven months from 15 July 2014. He has also been censured.

Mr Banbrook initially denied the disciplinary charge brought by the Law Society. This alleged he was convicted of a Securities Act offence which was punishable by imprisonment and which tended to bring the profession into disrepute.

The conviction related to the signing of a registered prospectus for National Finance 2000 Ltd that was distributed and contained untrue statements.

Banbrook had the role of collecting the large debts for National Finance Limited and he became a board member of the company.