Top-tier partner to be ‘dropped’ off Sky Tower

by Samantha Woodhill17 Aug 2016
Chapman Tripp partner Luke Hinchey will plummet 192m in the name of charity next month, jumping off Auckland’s Sky Tower.

The annual ‘Drop Your Boss’ event supports The Graeme Dingle Foundation, which aims to inspire New Zealand school children, helping to build self-esteem, promote good values and teach valuable life, education and health skills.

“Jumping 192m off a building sounds mildly scary, but doesn’t compare to being a kid facing bullying, self-doubt and low-esteem that will substantially affect their potential,” Hinchey said.

Hinchey, a specialist in resource management, environmental law and public works law, said that with two kids of his own, he sees a great deal of value in the work the foundation does.

“I would happily jump off a building to address those issues for my own two growing kids.  Helping the Foundation support many thousands of kids is therefore a real privilege.”

Established in 1995, the foundation is a leader in the field of child and youth development.  It runs several successful programs, incorporating elements of the outdoor, inspirational classroom leaders and world class mentors to help school age kids to build confidence, resilience and contribute positively to society.

The event requires that participants each raise $3,500 for the cause.  A number of corporate partners and business leaders are expected to sign up to be dropped at this year’s event, which takes place on Thursday 15 September.