Timaru law firm moves offices

by Sol Dolor10 Aug 2016
Nearly four decades after moving in to their offices at Strathallan St., Timaru law firm Timpany Walton has moved to a new office.

In a report from The Timaru Herald, the law firm opened its new premises at The Landings earlier this week.

“We've been in this building for about 40 years and I've basically worked here all of my adult working life,” partner Tony Shaw, who has worked at the law firm for 36 years, told the publication.
Shaw, like fellow partner Grant Proudfood who has been with the firm for 33 years, have worked at Timpany Walton since they graduated from University.

Another lifer is legal executive Janyne Hooke who also began working for Timpany Walton after school 34 years ago.

She told The Timaru Herald that when she started, the firm didn’t even have computers but “great big chunky” processors.

Aside from modernising, Shaw said that their new office will also be a welcome change because of the way it is oriented.

“It's going to be nice to change from an office located on the south side of a building,” Shaw said.