This high tech strategy could revolutionise your firm

by Miklos Bolza18 Dec 2015
When it comes to streamlining the legal work environment and becoming more efficient, one technical advisor says the field of matter and workflow automation should not be overlooked.

NZ Lawyer talked to Simon Bickers, solutions specialist at LexisNexis New Zealand, about what matter and workflow automation was and what it meant for lawyers.

“Matter and workflow automation is important for driving practice efficiency,” he said. “It enables law firms and in-house counsel to streamline processes, automate tasks and maximise billable hours.”

Typically this is provided through a software solution which automates the checklists that many legal firms already have in place. These platforms are able to automatically produce documents, update diaries and calculate costs, Bickers added.

“Technology is levelling the playing field in legal services. Matter and workflow automation solutions help law firms to transform their businesses and work processes giving them back more time to do what matters most.”

There was one challenge to overcome in this area, Bickers said: the belief that automation is impossible or overly complex because each matter is bespoke.

Despite the details of each matter being fact-specific, setting up or reporting on progress could still be automated, he added.

“Firms can achieve great efficiency gains by automating the common processes, giving them more time back to focus on the real legal challenges.”

There are already powerful, user friendly systems designed for legal practitioners on the market, he said. These streamline the way in which lawyers work and can improve productivity by automating common processes and eliminating any redundancy.