Space law expert assists UN on space militarisation and cybersecurity

by Sol Dolor29 Aug 2018

Dr Maria Pozza has helped with the draft of the “UN Security Council Special Resolution on Outer Space Militarization.”

The Govett Quilliam associate assisted the UN Youth Organisation, as the gathering tackled the newly formed US Space Force in a meeting at the Beehive this weekend. The meeting also considered the definition of a “space weapon,” as well as the challenges, problems and instability that the US Space Force would create, Pozza told NZ Lawyer.

In the hopes of maintaining outer space exploration and activities for the benefit of mankind in the pursuit of peaceful purposes, she provided expert assistance to delegates in order to form a resolution that brings to the forefront the issues of global security over activities in space, she said.

She also offered specialist legal opinion on cybersecurity at the international relations level, drawing on the legal frameworks implemented by New Zealand as an example.

“The panel considered the legal problems over privacy, lack of legal and sovereign boundaries within the internet, the internet’s utility and continuous development, global insecurity, and how nation-states as well as corporates need to better grasp their obligations to individuals when accumulating personal information,” she said.

Dr Maria Pozza