Software aims to reduce document turnaround, transcription costs

by Hannah Norton05 Aug 2015
Reducing documentation turnaround time and the cost of transcription are two goals of the company who has launched legal-specific speech recognition software in New Zealand.

Nuance Communications announced on Friday the first release of Dragon Legal NZ edition speech recognition software for PC.

“Legal professionals work long hours in fast-paced, hyper-competitive environments and have endless documentation and transcription work to do, which takes away from time that could be spent better serving their clients,” said Peter Mahoney, Nuance’s chief marketing officer and general manager for Dragon.

“By using Dragon Legal NZ, legal professionals and firms can save time and money, enabling an efficient workflow to allocate more time spent on billable priorities.”

Director of Dragon desktop solutions in Asia Pacific Derek Austin said it was the first time New Zealand legal professionals have had access to a Dragon product specifically tailored to their requirements.

“Working with our partner Sound Business Systems, we assembled a corpus of New Zealand legal documents to create a special purpose New Zealand legal language model that provides the most accurate speech recognition ever for local lawyers.”

Sound Business Systems is an Auckland based, wholly-New Zealand owned company, whose director Mike Kelly has worked closely with Nuance to make Dragon Legal NZ a reality.

Kelly said he was impressed with the accuracy of the software, which included an expanded Corpus containing thousands of NZ specific legal terms, statutes, law firms, place names and government entities.