Rise of the machines

by 07 Apr 2018

It’s starting already. Recent reports have Microsoft’s legal team running a trial to see if artificial intelligence (AI) can augment its contract management work; then there’s the UK’s Serious Fraud Office which used AI to analyse 30 million documents in its Rolls-Royce fraud investigation.

AI is fast becoming a ‘must-have’ technology for professional service firms.

Find out more at the Legal Tech Summit NZ in June.

Partners at MinterEllisonRuddWatts Jane Parker and Tom Maasland will explore the current capabilities of AI in the legal profession, and discuss where future AI development is heading:

  • What are the latest AI developments, and how can firms leverage the technology to their advantage?
  • Explore the potential capabilities of AI in five years’ time
  • Is fear of the ‘robo-lawyer’ replacing human lawyers overhyped, and could AI truly have an adverse impact on the profession?
  • How will AI change the way legal services are delivered in the future?

Some of the leading minds in the legal profession will also discuss the challenges of blockchain, the impact of smart contract and cybersecurity risks among other things.

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The Legal Tech Summit will be held at the Hilton Auckland on Thursday 28 June.