Relief for Buddle Findlay staff as Christchurch office opens doors

by Mackenzie McCarty10 Feb 2014
 Buddle Findlay has relocated its Christchurch office to a new location in the central city, much to the relief of staff who have been operating out of cramped, temporary offices for nearly three years.

The firm’s previous premises were demolished shortly after the earthquakes and Christchurch-based Buddle Findlay partner, John Buchan, says it’s been a difficult few years for the 50+ staff members based in the city. However, the temporary experience also offered up an interesting change in office layout – one which Buchan says has been maintained in the new premises.

“I suppose the biggest change is that we’ve gone to an essentially open-plan format, which we were forced into in our temporary premises. We found that, particularly in the commercial department, it was very conducive to how we practice, so we’ve gone open-plan in the new premises as well.”

Buchan says the modern, open-plan system isn’t necessarily cost-driven, in that the firm takes up roughly the same amount of floor space as it would if it had small, traditional individual offices, but that it’s much more efficient and conducive to work flows.

The new premises is located near Hagley Park and Cranmer Square and the firm are now co-tenants in a five-story building, occupying levels three and four. Buchan says the ability to host client seminars and other functions once again is also a huge bonus.

Other works are due to be completed in the surrounding area in the coming year, which the firm hopes will create a lively business atmosphere.

“It’s just really good to know we’re now in permanent premises and that now we can focus on what we do, which is being lawyers and working for our clients, rather than being concerned with having to find premises in our challenging environment down here.”