‘R U OK?’ asks top firm

by Sol Dolor10 Jun 2017
Russell McVeagh has just completed a week-long program that encouraged the firm’s members to check up on the wellness of their colleagues.

The program called “R U OK?” included the launch of a new “Physical Wellness Policy,” which, among other things, allots an annual allowance for staff to spend on wellness activities of their choice. The week also marked the launch of activities and initiative to promote physical and mental wellness, including health seminars, floor morning teas, a sponsored yoga class, breathing seminars, and sponsored massages.

“Everyone goes through times when things are tough; it's not just work stress, but personal issues that affect us all at different times in our life,” said Lesley Elvidge, HR director. “‘R U OK?’ Week aims to highlight to our people that there is help if they need it, whether this is talking to someone in their team, HR, the nurse or using the confidential, free counselling service.

“Mental health is like physical health – you have to take active steps to look after it. We want our staff to think about their colleagues, and if they think someone needs help, to encourage them to get it or to speak to someone about it who can help. Facilitating discussions and checking in with each other play an important part of this, in addition to the firm offering the relevant services available to our staff such as counselling, unlimited sick leave and ‘Catch Up Days,’” she said.

During the week-long event, which was first established in 2014, Russell McVeagh also highlighted Practising Well tools and materials for wellness promotion developed by the New Zealand Law Society and Vitality Works.

The firm also continued its mental health awareness sessions, resilience program, and mindfulness program.

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