Push for indefinite detention for terrorists

by Sol Dolor25 Jul 2016
Australia’s Federal Government is pushing for indefinite detention for terrorists who pose the highest threat to society even after their sentences expire.

According to a report from ABC, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has formally asked state and territory leaders to back the move.

Meanwhile, Federal Attorney-General George Brandis also told the news organisation that the measure would only be for the most hardened terrorists, those who are deemed to quickly reoffend even after serving their time in prison.

“I make no apology for the Government taking the view that if a person, having served a sentence of imprisonment for a serious crime, shows every indication of a willingness to repeat that crime, to reoffend as soon as they are released, they should remain behind bars,” the Brandis said.

The ABC said that though the proposal may be questioned for its legality particularly on procedural fairness and double punishment, the Attorney-General likened it to laws for sex offenders who can be kept in prison if they are still a serious threat to the community even after serving their sentences.

The senator pointed out that state laws regarding this have been upheld by the high court, the publication noted.
Nonetheless, Brandis did say that there is a right balance between community safety and individual rights that has to be achieved.