Practising certificates go electronic

by Sol Dolor26 May 2017
New Zealand’s lawyers will soon be able to download electronic practising certificates in a new initiative launched by the New Zealand Law Society for the coming renewal process.

Tim Jones, Law Society vice president (Auckland) acknowledged that many lawyers are used to receiving a hard copy edition of their annual practising certificate. However, he said that the Law Society is keeping pace with the technology-driven era and that electronic practising certificates are innovative and efficient.

The practising certificates, which are for the year to 30 June 2018, will be issued shortly, as the renewal process will soon open and will end on 30 June.

Jones said that while lawyers may want to keep the tradition of displaying a hard copy of their certificates in their offices, electronic copies have many benefits.

“They’re extremely efficient, environmentally friendly, and transportable to virtually anywhere including to meetings being held outside your normal office. There is no requirement to print out your certificate although you should check that it is available for download so you know that you have completed the process. A colour copy can easily be printed at a local Law Society branch if the lawyer is not able to do so,” Jones said.

The Medical Council already offers electronic practising certificates to doctors while the Dental Council and Education Council have plans to offer the same, the Law Society said.

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