Partner resigns as independent probe concludes

by Sol Dolor12 Oct 2018

Malcolm Crotty, Russell McVeagh chairman, has confirmed that the partner that was at the centre of an independent investigation has left the firm.

“A thorough investigation substantiates the complaints and the partner concerned has apologised and tendered his resignation,” he said. “We are deeply disappointed in the partner at the centre of the investigation.”

Last month, the firm announced that a probe was being conducted into one of its partners who made inappropriate comments under the influence of alcohol during a client event.

“Our firm is committed to changing the culture of our organisation and we all recognise that change requires collective and long-term commitment. All partners in the firm agreed to uphold and lead the change,” Crotty said. “The partner concerned let the firm down and we have now lost trust and confidence in him. The board determined that his conduct has fallen below our expected standards and we have accepted his resignation.”

Russell McVeagh has vowed to transform itself in the wake of the scandal that rocked the firm earlier this year.

“There is no place for inappropriate conduct at our firm. Despite the circumstances, it is encouraging that our people have spoken up,” the firm’s chairman said. “We have arranged to meet with the New Zealand Law Society.”