Oranga Tamariki gets separate legal team

by Sol Dolor29 Jun 2018

At the start of July, Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will operate separate legal teams.

The two ministries have operated a shared legal services team since Oranga Tamariki started operations, the New Zealand Law Society said.

With the new structure, the regional litigation function for care and protection and youth justice will move from MSD to Oranga Tamariki. MSD retains the benefit fraud prosecution function.

Oranga Tamariki started its life just last year as the Ministry for Vulnerable Children. In January, it was officially renamed Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children.

“What the ministry does is far more important than its name,” Children’s Minister Tracey Martin said. “However, we want the ministry’s name to reflect that we have aspirations for all children and young people.”

The ministry is tasked to improve the quality and range of care for children, enhance social work standards, and improve youth justice outcomes.


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