Online job postings for solicitors dive 18%

by Sol Dolor25 Nov 2016
There were fewer online advertisements for solicitor jobs in New Zealand between October 2015 and October 2016, data from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) reveal.
According to the report, there was an 18% drop in jobs posted to the web for solicitors during the period. The data was gathered by the MBIE from SEEK, Trade Me Jobs and the Education Gazette.
Meanwhile, the “judicial and other legal professionals” category saw a 16% increase for the year ending in 31 October.
However, the MBIE notes that when grouped together in eight industry groups, the year-over-year change for the accounting, HR, legal and administration industry was up 6.7% over the period.
Based on industry groups, the biggest winner in terms of jobs advertised online in the past 12 months to 31 October was the hospitality and tourism industry which grew 20.2%.
Next are education and training (17.2%); other (15.6%); construction and engineering (13.4%); sales, retail, marketing and advertising (11.3%); and healthcare and medical (9.7%). The only industry that contracted was information technology (-2.5%).
Oddly, in terms of occupations, multimedia specialists and web developers saw the biggest increase in number of jobs advertised online during the period with a 185% increase. Next are environmental scientists (157%), concreters (150%), caretakers (118%), and other clerical and office support workers (114%).
Defense force members – other ranks saw the biggest decline (-50%) followed by cartographers and surveyors (-49%), bank workers (-46%), counsellors (-37%), floor finishers (-36%) and couriers and postal deliverers (-35%).
In terms of occupation groups, all eight categories saw increases. Machinery drivers and operators saw a 25.9% increase, labourers 24.1%, technicians and trade workers 15.2%, managers 14.9%, clerical and administration 9.2%, community and personal services 7.0%, and professionals with the lowest increase at 6.2%.
Overall, the MBIE notes that jobs advertised online grew during the period with the All Vacancies Index increasing 1.1%.

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