NZLS announces new online health tool for lawyers

by Miklos Bolza02 May 2016
A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) and Vitality Works which will let local lawyers benefit from a new web-based health assessment platform, Wellbeing 360.
The MOU was signed by Kathryn Beck, president of the NZLS, and Clara Budd, business manager for Vitality Works.
Once the tool is launched in May, lawyers will have free access to an online assessment tool which measures overall wellbeing of each participant.
“Wellbeing 360 takes participants through a comprehensive health questionnaire and then creates a confidential personal health report,” said Beck.
This includes suggestions on how to build a healthier lifestyle, she added, with the report giving lawyers a score out of 100 for four areas: physical, mental, work, and social wellbeing.
“I’ve worked through Wellbeing 360 myself and found it was easy to use and very useful in highlighting things I need to consider, along with helpful suggestions,” Beck said.
“Not to reveal my score, but it told me to watch my physical fitness – apparently my sedentary job means I don’t move around enough during the working week. I also don’t sleep enough.”
Wellbeing 360 is part of ongoing support efforts by the NZLS through the Practising Well initiative established several years ago.
“We are constantly looking for ways in which we can continue to develop areas in which lawyers can improve their physical health,” Beck said. “We are very pleased that we have been able to partner with Vitality Works and make Wellbeing 360 available to lawyers.”
The platform aims to be a starting point for lawyers to identify their key areas of weakness, she added.
“Practising Well aims to provide support and resources right across the fields of mental, physical and business health,” Beck said. “We also have partnerships in place with Business Mentors and Lifeline Counselling, as well as having a number of other supporting groups and resources.”
The Law Society is serious about ensuring the local legal community has access to or knows how to access the support they need whether for themselves or their colleagues, Beck continued.