NZ-based lawyer in US1m legal battle with Samoa Law Society

by NZ Lawyer10 Aug 2016
The Samoan Law Society has become embroiled in a legal action over the alleged breach of rights of a Samoan, Kiwi-based lawyer.

Leulua‘ialii Olinda Woodroffe is suing the Samoa Law Society over an alleged breach in her rights by terminating her powers, privileges and responsibilities.

She is seeking to quash the Society’s decision to terminate her unrestricted practicing certificate, according to a report by Radio NZ.

The Law Society had issued her with a restricted practicing certificate but Woodroffe has filed a claim saying she was not heard or notified by the Society before the decision was made.

She claims the Law Society wrote to the court directing staff that she would not be allowed to sign any documents and that it took deliberate steps to cause damage to her reputation.

Woodroffe is seeking damaging totally US1m.  No date for the legal action to be heard has been set.