New insurance litigation firm entrant launches

by Samantha Woodhill02 Dec 2015
Leading insurance specialist Greg Jones has opened up a new firm, spruiking a new approach.

Following the dissolution of 17-year long partnership Jones Fee and his lengthy involvement with New Zealand’s largest ever insurance claims relating the Christchurch earthquakes, Jones decided it’s time for a change.

“Cases are becoming more expensive to litigate and harder to resolve within a reasonable time frame for a reasonable cost,” he said of the firm’s new and in his opinion, more human approach to litigation.

“My recent experience has convinced me that now, more than ever, there is a need to ensure clients obtain highly focussed, resolution driven legal services.”

Having officially opened in September, Jones & Co is now a four-solicitor-strong firm, and growing.

“The market place is growing in terms of their knowledge of who we are and what we are doing,” Jones said.

“Our hope is to bring to the market place that ability to identify those core issues really really quickly and get stuck into trying to offer up to our clients pragmatic, proactive and economic solutions to litigation based matters which can be, in the modern world, extremely expensive.”

The firm will look to harness its insurance expertise to build up its commercial litigation practice.

“Clients now need from us, not only the strategic and negotiating skills to achieve a resolution, but also court room experience that will drive an advantageous outcome where agreement is not possible,” said Jones.

“We have a new team that can deal with complex litigation whether through mediation or the courtroom.