Naked judge photos appear online

by Samantha Woodhill15 Feb 2016
Naked pictures of a judge holidaying at a nudist camp have been posted on the resort’s website to promote it.

The pictures, posted without the judge’s knowledge, show a full-frontal of the naked judge – in one photo playing petanque and in the other posing on a grass lawn.

According to the NZ Herald, the pictures were removed after the Herald on Sunday enquired about the pictures.  The Herald has chosen not to name the judge.

“An image of [the judge] posted to a website without his knowledge has just been brought to my attention,” said Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue.

“Any issue relating to judicial conduct is a matter for the independent Judicial Complaints Commissioner.  I am unaware of any complaint made to the commissioner in respect of [the judge].”

The commissioner has the power to investigate but not discipline judges.

Doogue told The Herald that the pictures would not be considered a breach of the official Guidelines for Judicial Conduct as they are intended as guidance and not as rules. 

But The Herald reported that the guidelines warn that a judge attracts closer public scrutiny than other members of the community both in and out of court.

“The standing of the judiciary is adversely affected by conduct which, for others, might not attract serious criticism,” they say. “Judges must therefore accept some restrictions on conduct and activities as a consequence of appointment.”

The judge, who could not be reached for comment, has previously attracted criticism for giving a high-profile New Zealander names suppression in a controversial case.

Pineglades Naturist Club president said that the club owns the copyright and said that those photographed had given written consent.

“It's a free world.  Come and have a look at what we're all about.  All the positive things never get talked about,” he said.


  • by Christopher 15/02/2016 3:19:12 p.m.

    Big deal. At least there is no judicial cover pardon the pun. 😊👍🏻👏🏻