Young lawyers rank work-life balance ahead of pay

by Steve Randall13 Apr 2017
Young lawyers rank work-life balance ahead of pay
A survey of lawyers from BigLaw firms shows that the 33 per cent of the millennial generation said making partner was their long-term career goal but young lawyers have other things on their minds too.

The poll by legal recruitment firm Major, Lindsay & Africa and Above the Law found that work-life balance ranked the most important for 66 per cent who said they would consider a job with fewer hours, even with less pay. Compensation was a factor in whether to accept a position for 50 per cent.

"In the past, most lawyers would not openly state that they desired a balance between work and personal life. However, to the millennial generation, work-life balance is much less taboo," said Michelle Fivel, a partner in the Associate Practice Group of Major, Lindsey & Africa. "In fact, millennial lawyers are nearly demanding it of firms, causing firms to offer remote work, off-track roles and other flexible arrangements."

KWM Europe staff bring employment claim
Two hundred staff from the collapsed European arm of the KWM verein are pursuing an employment claim alleging that there was no formal consultation ahead of redundancies.

KWM Europe went into administration on 17th January and the staff will be hoping to receive compensation through the UK’s Insolvency Service Redundancy Payments Service.

The claim is being handled by regional firm Herrington Carmichael, the Law Society Gazette reports.

First crowdfunded prosecution over in 17 minutes
A landmark case brought by a cycling charity has ended with the defendant’s acquittal in just 17 minutes.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the case was the first in England & Wales to be crowdfunded and related to the death of a cyclist. The defendant faced the private prosecution after Crown prosecutors decided not to proceed.

However, at the Old Bailey in London, the jury swiftly decided that she was not guilty.