M&A boom “far from over” says report

by 31 May 2016
M&A boom “far from over” says report
The global life sciences deal market sector is ‘renormalizing’ and almost half of industry leaders plan to actively pursue deals in the coming 12 months.
A report from EY shows that, although M&A in the sector has eased recently, it is “far from over” and 58 per cent of those surveyed said that acquisitions and divestitures are topping their boardroom agenda.
Jeff Greene, EY’s Global Life Sciences Transaction Advisory Services Leader commented that, following the inversion-focused acquisitions of recent years, specialty pharma firms will be assessing their acquisitions and portfolios.
“Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical M&A deals will be more subdued this year as big pharma becomes more selective in its dealmaking. Yet big pharma still has relatively strong M&A firepower and its need for filling growth gaps may spawn some hostile bids for deal targets, such as those in the surging biotech subsector,” he said.
Lawyers’ wives call for husbands’ release
The wives of three human rights lawyers detained by Chinese authorities, have released a video calling for their release.
Hundreds of activists and lawyers were arrested in 2015 and relatives were told to follow rules including not hiring their own lawyers or talking to the media.
However, some including Wang Qialing whose husband Li Heping has been detained, have chosen to speak out. "Facing these illegal and groundless requirements from the government, we as family members didn't give in,” she told CNN.
The women say that the Chinese authorities said they must speak on camera to urge their husbands to plead guilty but they have refused.
Trump says judge’s ruling is because he hates him
A class action lawsuit against one US presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s former businesses has escalated after a US judge ordered the release of certain documents.
The lawsuit alleges that the defunct Trump University made claims to students about the credibility of its tutors which are disputed; and the promise that the courses would ensure students would be successful in real estate are also challenged.
Donald Trump’s lawyers have argued that business documents should not be released as they contain information that may be used in the future if the business is relaunched.
The International Business Times reports that US federal judge Gonzalo Curiel dismissed the appeal against releasing the papers prompting Trump to tell supporters at a rally that “he is a hater of Donald Trump.” He also highlighted the judge’s Hispanic heritage.