Global firm announces “forward looking” management changes

by Steve Randall26 May 2017
Global firm announces “forward looking” management changes
Allen & Overy has announced some changes to the way the firm is run including the formation of an executive committee and a client group.

The aim is to better support growth of the global firm and client relationship management; including new forums to strengthen its governance and leadership.

The executive committee will be co-chaired by the senior partner and managing partner and will comprise representatives from practice groups, regions and the new client group.

That client group will also be co-chaired by the senior partner and managing partner and will be structured around industry sectors.

“These are forward-looking changes that will allow us to use our global network even more effectively to deliver the services our clients want,” said A&O managing partner Andrew Ballheimer. “They maintain the best collaborative strengths of our partnership while providing clear and accountable leadership.”

The executive committee and client group will both work closely with the firm’s board.

Many businesses leaving too little time for trademark clearance
Hogan Lovells says that many brand owners are leaving too little time for trademark clearance searches with two thirds doing so less than 3 months before filing.

The global law firm has surveyed in-house counsel in 200 businesses across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America and discovered that 40% of brand owners file a trademark application less than 3 months before launching a product or service.

“In-house counsel have indicated to us that they would dearly like to have more time to adequately clear and apply for trademarks prior to launch but, unfortunately, the business reality is that they are not given that luxury," commented Lloyd Parker, Asia Pacific and Middle East Head of IP at Hogan Lovells.

The survey also revealed that many businesses are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to filing trademarks for post-Brexit Britain. Most are unsure of the best course of action.

Asia Pacific has a lower rate of online trademark misuse with less than a quarter of respondents reporting it compared to more than three-quarters in North America and two thirds in Europe. However, the report says that regular screening for online misuse is lower in Asia Pacific at 20% compared to 50% in Europe and North America.

Calling judge “mate” lands defendant in jail
A defendant has been jailed in the UK after calling the judge “mate.”

Asked how he would pay outstanding fines, 35-year-old Sebastian Stroud told Judge Simon Cooper “I’m not working mate.”

The rattled judge rebuked the defendant "I am not your mate. I am not going to be spoken to like that," before warning him that he was in danger of Contempt of Court.
Stroud was taken to the cells at Swindon Magistrates’ Court but was released hours later.