Mark Lundy’s Court of Appeal hearing live-streamed

by Sol Dolor18 Oct 2017
Mainstream media are live-streaming Mark Lundy’s Court of Appeal hearing, which are set to end today.

Lundy is seeking to overturn his convictions for the double murder of his wife Christina and daughter Amber in 2000. He is believed to have killed his family using a tomahawk axe, which was never found.

He was first convicted in 2002 after a six-week trial. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2013, the Privy Council overturned the convictions, ordering a retrial in the High Court, which happened in 2015. He was convicted again.

Jonathan Eaton QC leads Lundy’s legal team. The Crown is represented by Philip Morgan QC and Ben Vanderkolk. Justices Cooper, Winklemann, and Asher are presiding over the appeal.

The first court case in the country to be streamed live via the internet was Kim Dotcom’s extradition appeal in August last year.

The Court of Appeal, the High Court, the District Court, and some tribunals have strict guidelines for in-court media coverage. The Supreme Court also has its own guidelines.

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