Lighter Side: UK lawyers caught drinking in the ladies' loo

by NZ Lawyer23 Apr 2014
Lawyers at international firm DAC Beachcroft’s Manchester office were caught drinking beer in the ladies room last week, according to UK comic legal news site, RollonFriday, and have been issued with a dire warning in response.

“Staff were first alerted to the secret toilet pub when they heard strange noises coming from an occupied cubicle. A little later they spied an associate and her male supervisor creeping out of the loos. All was revealed when a diligent security guard inspected the cubicle and found beer cans in the sanitary bin,” explains the article.

Lawyers and other staff on the floor were subsequently sent a warning email from a (very sober) partner, indicating that if anyone else was found drinking during business hours, the monthly office social would be cancelled. Ouch.

Source: RollonFriday