Lighter Side: Texas lawyer’s weird viral ad hooks clients

by NZ Lawyer01 Jul 2016
While many lawyers diligently try to maintain professional decorum, Texas criminal Lawyer Bryan Wilson doesn’t mind being unconventional – and it has brought him a throng of followers and clients.
“I have more clients than I really know how to deal with,” Wilson said.

The self-titled “Texas Law Hawk” has just released an ad that has garnered mixed reactions, his fourth such bizarre ad to be released based on his YouTube channel, 9News reported.

In the ad, Wilson comes to three bikini-clad women’s rescue when a couple of raving police officers try to force them and their male companion to do an alcohol test while they are enjoying the day on a river boat.

And the fresh-faced lawyer just doesn’t arrive on a car like a normal lawyer is expected to – he rides his American flag-wrapped jet ski and jumps over a ramp and through a signboard.

His video is also peppered with shots of him riding a mini dirt bike, screaming “Texas Law Hawk” and an actual hawk squawking.

This formula appears to be working for Wilson as a video he uploaded to YouTube in October last year now has nearly 1.7 million views.

“It’s definitely been good for business. People see me and point, and some leave funny voicemails on my phone,” said Wilson.

However, he did add that he takes his cases “very seriously” and that his videos have never been banned and have all been appraised by the advertising review committee, which may be because other lawyers do not really appreciate his ads.