Lighter Side: Solicitors or baristas?

by NZ Lawyer02 May 2014
Thompsons, one of the UK’s preeminent personal injury firms, is closing its Middlesbrough office and the building is being converted into a coffee shop, according to local media.

Staff in the office reportedly only found out when representatives of Costa Coffee arrived at reception prepared to measure up the building in preparation for the conversion. It was days later when one of the firm’s senior partners, who probably should get a good roasting themselves, finally admitted that the branch was indeed closing and that staff would be moved to Newcastle, Sheffield, or out on to the street.

Thompsons has jumped a few hurdles lately:  rumour has it that the firm was recently axed from the legal panel of the GMB union (Britain’s general trade union), it’s fourth largest client, after the GMB suggested that it enter into an alternative business structure with Thompsons in order to share the profits of litigation conducted on behalf of its members.