Lighter Side: Lawyer proposes via crossword

by Samantha Woodhill10 Jul 2015
Trademark attorney Matthew Dick managed to persuade The Times, famous for its crossword puzzle, to publish clues and answers including the phrase ‘Will you marry me’ and ‘Delyth’ - his girlfriend’s name.

D Young & Co partner Dick contacted The Times’ crossword creator, Richard Rogen, over twitter to pull off the epic stunt.

The couple were on holiday for his girlfriend Delyth Hughes’ birthday when Dick brought back the newspaper early in the morning for Hughes to start the crossword at breakfast.  

When she saw the phrases ‘birthday’ and ‘wishes’, thought they were a mere coincidence.  After producing the ring, Dick had to explain to her that it was the real crossword and not something he had printed off himself.  Hughes told The Times that she was dumbfounded by the gesture.

“She looked so surprised and didn’t say anything for about 30 seconds, before then saying ‘No’, which she thought was hilarious. But she did then say ‘Yes’ and I had to tell her this was the real Times crossword, not something I had printed out myself,” Dick told The Times.

A spokesperson for The Times said that the hidden message made for ‘one of the most unusual editions in its 85-year history’.