Lighter side: Lawyer predicts baseball team win in unorthodox fashion

by NZ Lawyer13 Mar 2015
A Washington DC-based lawyer has had his foot tattooed declaring his favourite baseball team the winners well before the end of the championship.
Lawyer and baseball fanatic Pete Johnson had his foot tattooed, pre-empting the win of his baseball team.
The 29-year-old DC lawyer had the words, ‘Nationals World Series Champs 2015’ tattooed in scribbled hand writing on his foot, as though he had drawn it and forgotten to wash it off.
“It’s not like I got the Lombardi trophy on my abdomen. Even if they don’t win it this year, I think every time I look down at it I’m going to smile, just thinking about the experience,” said Johnson.  “I think they might [freaking] do it this year.  And if they don’t, I think I left a little room to have 2015 crossed out and make it 2016.”
According to the Washington Post, Johnson was taking a post-lunch stroll when he came across a tattoo parlour and said to his friend, “Why don’t we do something dumb?”
“This is the first thing I thought of,” he said.  “I wanted it to look like I just wrote it on there and forgot to wash it off.”
Johnson said the tattoo artist didn’t attempt to dissuade him and commented that it seemed like the tattoo artist had heard dumb tattoo ideas before.
“That better be washable,” his mum said upon seeing a photo of her son’s new ink on Facebook.
Johnson said the whole thing took about a half-hour and the pain was less than stubbing his toe.
“I haven’t had anybody say that I’m crazy and stupid, even though I am crazy and stupid,” he said. “At least with this thing on my foot, it won’t mess up my personal life.”