Lighter Side: Lawyer plans hunger strike in defense of social media faux pas

by Mackenzie McCarty30 May 2014
An American lawyer has caused a ‘twitter’ in the US over the past week as he prepares for a hunger strike on the steps of the Supreme Court. His cause? Your right to post naughty photos on social media sites.

Brian Zulberti, who first made headlines in July last year by mass-emailing a photo of himself in a muscle-T instead of his CV to potential legal employers, is planning to forgo food and water in an effort to bring greater attention to how we as a society can mitigate the risks of social media — by demanding that employers stop “searching the social media accounts of their employees and firing [them] because of unpopular opinions or lifestyle choices.”

Zuberi’s muscle-T stunt went viral and – quite possibly because he subsequently found it impossible to find paid employment – he has decided to take up his crusade to bring justice to those like him, who’ve had their professional lives damned by the perils of social media.

It appears Zulberti’s 15 minutes of fame are not yet complete, because he now says he’s willing to die for those who have been undone by boozy Facebook photos. Zulberti recently announced that he’d begin a hunger strike on the steps of the Supreme Court on June 2, local time, at 6am and “will continue around the clock until one of two things happens:”

1. CNN agrees to give him 90 seconds to speak to the nation, on a weeknight, during prime time; or

2. He requires hospitalization for exhaustion or malnutrition.

“Either alternative works fine for me. My goal is to do my part to warn this nation. Speaking for 90 seconds in front of millions of viewers will allow me to do that. The headline “Attorney collapses on steps of Supreme Court after ten day hunger strike” will work too.”

Zulberti did quip, on local radio, that, “he’d rather be on television than in the hospital.”


  • by fletch 30/05/2014 12:34:23 p.m.

    Oh dear, talk about choosing your battles.. Looks like the guy could already use a pie. I hope he gets his 90 seconds soon.