Lighter Side: Lawyer buys Super Bowl ad to slam football team

by Samantha Woodhill12 Feb 2016
The advertisements of the highly anticipated Super Bowl isn’t widely known for attracting attention seeking lawyers but each year there a few local gems surface and this year is no exception.

St. Louis lawyer Terry Crouppen of Brown & Crouppen bought ad time in St. Louis to slag off Stan Kroenke who owns the city’s football team, the Rams, with the hashtag, ‘SlamStan’.  Kroenke recently made the unpopular announcement that the team would leave St. Louis for Los Angeles.

“We were loyal to our football team – bought their tickets, wore their jerseys drank their overpriced beer, we cheered them year after losing year and in return, they trashed us and left us,” Crouppen said in the ad.

Above the Law reported that there are three current NFL teams based in LA and all three fled when they realised that no one in LA cares about professional football.