Lighter side: Judge spotted driving a Porsche he ordered seized

by NZ Lawyer27 Feb 2015
A Brazilian judge has been seen driving Porsche that has been seized as part of a case over which he is presiding.

The owner is Eike Batista, a former billionaire who recently became bankrupt after the collapse of his $35bn empire, according to BloombergBusiness.

Batista is currently on trial for alleged insider trading and market manipulation, and Judge Flavio Roberto de Souza ordered the seizure of Batista’s assets earlier this month.  

Among other items, police took seven vehicles, a yacht, three jet skis and a speedboat during the raid on Batista’s mansion.

Judge de Souza was seen driving the white Porsche Cayenne on Tuesday by reporters for Estado de S.Paulo’s news agencies, after a tip-off from Batista’s lawyer.

The judge told Agencia Estado newswire that he was taking the car to his building’s garage due to a lack of parking at the police and court facilities.

Judge de Souza is now being investigated over the matter.