Lighter Side: Judge issues arrest order against goat and its owner

by NZ Lawyer19 Feb 2016
A judge in India has issued an arrest order against a goat and its owner for alleged damage to his garden.

Judge Hemant Ratre filed a police complaint after the goat repeatedly entered his garden and ate plants and flowers, Roll On Friday reported.

The goat’s owner, who lives right next door to the judge, was brought into police custody and charged with trespass and damaging property, but both she and the goat were released on bail.
“The goat's owner has been told several times ... not to let the animal graze on other people's lawns,” one police officer said, confirming an investigation would follow.

If deemed to be guilty, the owner could face over two years in prison.  Roll On Friday noted that while the punishment for the goat is unknown, he is currently tied up in his garden to prevent him from escaping again.