Lighter Side: Judge barks at pub owner over dog ban, is eventually muzzled

by Sol Dolor12 Aug 2016
A judge in England has agreed to stay quiet after being questioned by authorities following a bizarre stoush with a pub owner.
The row began when Simon Newell, a sitting judge in the country of Lancashire in North West England, was reportedly not allowed to bring his dog Marley into Michael Robinson’s wine bar Barrique on a Saturday night.
According to The Sun, pets are not allowed inside the bar because they serve food. However, the 65-year-old judge was offered a patio table but it appears this irked him as he reportedly stormed off.
Judge Newell is alleged to have parked his Golf GTI outside Barrique with posters on his windscreen.
A poster called for “woof justice,” The Sun reported while others called the 46-year-old Robinson “fat” and without “class”. The posters also included a photo of Marley “with a mocked up gag on his mouth”.
It appears the authorities were then called on and this looks to have changed the judge’s mind.
Gone were the posters protesting the dog ban and it was replaced by a poster with the following statement:
“As a result of the police being sent to my house and a letter warning me of dire personal consequences, I have taken down my last announcement.
I will bark no more.
I apologise unreservedly to the blameless and saintly Mr Robinson and wish him and his business Barrique all the very best and a dog-free future.

Yours, a very chastened,
At least the police said no crime had taken place.