Lighter side: Half-naked tweets leave Tokyo High Court judge in a bind

by Sol Dolor08 Jul 2016
If anyone in the legal field needed a reminder to always prudently use social media, here it is.

Kiichi Okaguchi, a Tokyo High Court judge who presides over civil cases, has been warned that he was “lowering the dignity of judges,” according to a report from The Japan Times.

That remark came from the court director Saburo Tokura who has verbally admonished Okaguchi.
Meanwhile, Yuji Watanabe, secretary-general of the court, said: “It is regrettable that an active judge has carried out an act that hurts public trust (in the judiciary).”

The trouble stems from three images the judge posted to Twitter between April 2014 and March 2016.
One of the photos even depicted a half-naked man bound by ropes, The Japan Times said.

Though he has apologized for “causing enormous nuisance to the people,” Okaguchi had also apparently tweeted that he “will keep posting images of my naked body and of me wearing just white briefs.”

As of writing, his Twitter account has a featured image of him flexing and wearing only white briefs inside a bathroom.