Lighter Side: Actress in court over spirit-damaging gaze

by Samantha Woodhill19 Jun 2015
Zhao Wei, one of China’s biggest names in film and television, has been taken to court by a viewer who claims her intense stare damaged his spirit.

The actress plays the mother on the popular TV series Tiger Mum, in which parents have differing approaches to the rearing of their child.

Since making changes to its court regulations in May, China has seen an increase in court cases nationwide.  The new rules make filing claims easier and have reduced the ability of courts to throw out frivolous claims.  Courts are now required to accept legitimate lawsuits or give clear reasoning for throwing them out, which was not previously the case.

Citizens have even been given the right to appeal the court’s decision on whether or not to hear a lawsuit.

The case was filed in the Shanghai Pudong New District Court, but media outlets have not been able to confirm whether court has accepted the case, reported.