LexisNexis offers Slave Free guide

by NZ Lawyer04 Mar 2016
After Slave Free Seas, a charitable trust assisting victims of slavery ships in NZ waters was brought to the attention of LexisNexis, the company decided to develop a practical guidance module for lawyers and other advocates to assist victims.

The module is a free and practical guide, developed in partnership with Slave Free Seas.

“Lawyers who provide services to victims of modern slavery, or wish to do so, will find comprehensive information on the topic in this module,” said Berry Simons solicitor Rachael Steller.

“They will also be able to add what they learn to the module, allowing this to be a constantly growing resource.

“As most lawyers working in this area assist victims on a pro bono basis, the fact that the module is available to them for free will make providing these services pro bono more feasible.”

Steller said the ever-expanding module covers background information about the history of modern slavery and human trafficking but also looks at a range of current methods attempting to put a stop to it.

“After sharing this module with LexisNexis authors, there were several offers to assist. All authors who have contributed to this module, or plan to contribute, have done so on a pro bono basis,” she said.

“It is inspiring to see such dedication to the Rule of Law from the NZ legal profession.”