Legal practising fees and levies cut

by Sol Dolor29 May 2017
New Zealand legal practitioners will be paying smaller fees over the next 12 months, as the fees and levies approved by the Minister of Justice feature cuts on five categories.

“The reduction, which is 4.4% for the practising fee, reflects efficiencies from the better use of technology and improved processes,” said Kathryn Beck, president of the New Zealand Law Society. “The practising fee is directly related to the cost of regulation. The Law Society is also required to collect two levies which are set by the Council of Legal Education and the Legal Complaints Review Officer. Overall, there is a 2.9% reduction in all fees and levies from the current year.”

The practising fees and levies for the year to 30 June 2018, excluding GST, are as follows:

Practising fee:
$1140 (2017 - $1,192)

Legal Complaints Review Office levy
$125 ($125)

NZ Council of Legal Education levy
$22 ($25)

Total barristers sole and employed barristers and solicitors
$1287 ($1,342)

Inspectorate fee
$380 ($385)

Total barristers and solicitors on own account, no trust account
$1,667 ($1,727)

Lawyers’ Fidelity Fund contribution
$320 ($320)

Total barristers and solicitors on own account, trust account
$1,987 ($2,047)

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