Lawyers’ social network comes to New Zealand

by NZ Lawyer29 Apr 2015
An innovative barrister has launched a micro-blogging and social networking platform, specifically aimed at the legal industry. 

Following a successful launch in the UK by barrister Bill Braithwaite QC in January, the social networking and microblogging site Mootis, has just launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Aimed specifically at the legal profession, “Moots” have an increased character limit – in contrast with a mere 140 character tweet, Mootis offers a generous limit of 500 words. The platform also allows users to conduct polls and upload videos, and to keep abreast of trending legal topics.

“Sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are hugely successful, but we feel the world of legal services is large enough to warrant its own, bespoke platform,” said Braithwaite.

“There’s a lot of clutter.  Mootis is specifically tailored for what is a vast legal services marketplace that extends far beyond lawyers.” 

The site, which can be used by either businesses or individuals, integrates with other social media platforms such as Twitter or Linked In, and an app is set to launch next month.

Aimed at appealing to lawyers who already use social media as well as those who don’t, Mootis’ creators have said that the site has generated a huge amount of interest.

"One of the advantages of Mootis is that users can follow firms and individuals by location as well as their specialist area of law, so it can be tailored to specific countries or used as a global resource,” said Braithwaite.