Lawyer seeking Labour Party nomination

by NZ Lawyer04 May 2016
Christchurch lawyer and Lane Neave partner Duncan Webb is seeking to stand for the Labour Party in Christchurch Central.

Back in 2011, National’s Nicky Wagner ousted former journalist Brendon Burns from the safe labour seat.  It was retained by associate Christchurch regeneration minister in 2014 against Labour candidate Tony Milne.

Webb, a long-time Labour Party member announced he would stand for the seat this week, after nominations closed last week, Stuff reported.

“I grew up in Christchurch, I know about the city and I know about the difficulties...and about helping people overcome them,” he said.  He said with children at school in Christchurch Central, he felt like it was the right time to stand.

Webb, who specialises in insurance, is known for having represented many Canterbury homeowners with their earthquake claims.  But he insists he’s “more than just the earthquake guy”.

“It's full of ordinary, working people with small businesses and [the electorate] isn't well served by a Government looking simply at running a surplus,” Webb said.

He did say that while he’s colleagues supported his potential move to politics, he wouldn’t stay with the firm if elected.

“You can't be a partner of a significant law firm and be standing on your soapbox...criticising the way the Government handles some things,” Webb said.

“So there will have to be a parting of ways.”

Labour suffered a dismal result in 2014 with only 25% of the party vote.

On June 11, Labour Party members of Christchurch Central will select the Labour candidate and the successful person would be announced the same day.