Lawyer entrepreneur picked for PBT top job

by Sol Dolor28 Sep 2016
The Pacific Business Trust (PBT) has appointed Kim Tuaine as its Chief Executive Officer.

Tuaine, who is of Cook Islands descent, has more than 13 years’ experience as a specialist Australian migration lawyer and a strong background as a business owner in the legal sector.
She has successfully established two law firms in the highly-competitive Sydney market and is the founder and current principal solicitor and director of Sydney CBD-based immigration law specialist boutique firm Supra Legal.
Tuaine, who is skilled in business management and development, established Supra Legal to strategically facilitate her succession from legal practice while leveraging her expertise, which includes a commercial background, and client-base, which includes international corporate clients.
The lawyer, who is now focused on exploring other business opportunities and growing Pacific Business Trust, is appointed just weeks before the Trust hosts the 10th National Pacific Business Awards, the first since 2010.
“The awards are a great opportunity to meet Pacific business leaders, as well as those that are emerging,” said Tuaine.
“This role provides a genuine opportunity to make a huge difference to the lives of Pacific people in New Zealand and my aim is to help launch more innovators and entrepreneurs, which this country has a growing reputation for.”
Tuaine added that she brings impartiality to her role because of her experiences.
“Having not lived in New Zealand for a long time, I come with a sense of objectivity. From my professional experience, there is a lot of cultural capital that people who aren’t the majority, like Pacific people in New Zealand, feel excluded from,” she said.
“Because of my background, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help break that down, and give people the skill and confidence to move in any kind of world.”
PBT chair Fa'amatuainu Tino Pereira, saying the Trust is confident the new CEO will deliver in her role, said Tuaine skillset will be invaluable.
“She provides a broader understanding of policy settings in which the Pacific Business Trust will operate in its relationship with government, as well as a dedication to achieving excellence and success,” he said.
A registered Migration Agent in Australia since 2003, Tuaine completed her LLB at the University of New South Wales. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts – Comparative Development & International Relations from the same university as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from The Australian National University.
Her areas of expertise are business migration (entrepreneurial & investment), corporate sponsored temporary & permanent migration, family & other personal migration, refugee & humanitarian law, unlawful non-citizens’ deportation & removal, visa cancellations and appeals & reviews.