Lawcadia earns international recognition

by Sol Dolor19 May 2018

Lawcadia has been internationally recognised for its work in legal technology.

The Brisbane-headquartered legaltech firm has been named the visionary non-law firm services provider of the year at In-House Community’s awards in Hong Kong earlier this month.

The award recognised the changing landscape of legal services, excellence in service delivery, and client focus, the firm said. Finalists are judged on their ability to assist in-house counsel in managing costs and value added, talent and career management, and positioning of the legal department within the organisation.

“Digital transformation is fast becoming a strategic imperative for corporate and government organisations across the globe. The Lawcadia platform recognises this and has been designed to help legal departments achieve a number of objectives including reduced external legal spend, better financial management, scope control and optimisation of business processes” said Warwick Walsh, Lawcadia CEO.

The award not only recognises the company’s hard work but also provides the opportunity to expand its network and establish a strong foundation in the Asia-Pacific region, he said.

The Lawcadia platform is now used by one Australia’s Big Four banks, a major national insurer, and a group of leading firms – including those in the Magic Circle and in the Am Law 100 – in Australia, Europe and the US.

Last year, Lawcadia became the firm legaltech company to receive an investment from the Queensland Business Development fund. The state government’s early-stage investment fund invested $500,000 in the legaltech firm.

In-House Community is a body of more than 20,000 in-house lawyers and legal and compliance professionals across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa regions.