Law school v graduate legal battle ends

by NZ Lawyer01 Apr 2016
A law graduate who took her law school to court after she was unable to find a job, lost her long-running battle against California-based Tomas Jefferson School of Law last week.

Anna Alaburda graduated top of her class back in 2008 but was burdened with a student debt worth $150,000.  She claimed that the school’s post-graduation employment statistics were misleading.

But her lawsuit was dismissed by a jury by a majority of 9-3.

Alaburda claimed that she would not have enrolled at the law school had not been ‘mislead’ by her job prospects, Legal Cheek reported.
Thomas Jefferson attorney Michael Sullivan acknowledged “isolated mistakes” and “clerical errors” in the school’s data collection but said there was no evidence the school lied.

“This is not, you know, Trump University,” he said.

“It is so not that.  It is such a really excellent law school.”

According to Legal Cheek, it is not known whether Alaburda will appeal the decision.