Law professor hurls Asia Pac to the global IP conversation

by Samantha Woodhill07 Oct 2015

A New Zealand law professor will bring the Asia Pacific region into the global intellectual property conversation with her appointment to the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research of Intellectual Property presidency.

Victoria University of Wellington Law Professor Susy Frankel has become the first Australasian president, taking over the presidency at the 34th ATRIP Congress.

“The main goal is to get a better dialogue into research in this field in the Asia Pacific area,” Frankel told NZ Lawyer.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for ATRIP to expand into the Southern Hemisphere and provide a forum for discussion of this dynamic field in this part of the world.”

Looking at global issues and the role IP plays, such as the the rising cost of pharmaceuticals, Frankel said the association plays a vital role in global trading. 

“Intellectual Property is a growth area, its effecting everyone’s lives more and more,” said Frankel. 

“The pharmaceuticals you purchase the products that get invented and researched, what’s available on the internet – these are global issues and merit global research points of view from all around the world.”

Originally a European organisation, ATRIP has grown to include North American membership and is now looking to further grow its Asia Pacific presence.

“The Executive Committee and I will work to bring as many teachers and researchers in the field to Wellington in 2017, with an emphasis on expanding participation from the Asia Pacific region,” she said.

“The real question is how different countries can operate in a global environment effectively, there’s no ‘one size fits all’.”