Lane Neave launches alumni network

by Sol Dolor 12 Oct 2019

Lane Neave has launched a new alumni network.

“With a rich history spanning more than 150 years, Lane Neave has produced many alumni,” the national firm said. “A new alumni network is being established to develop a lifelong relationship with former staff, lawyers and retired partners.”

The firm said that being connected with alumni will help its people grow their networks as well as keep in touch with the latest developments and events at the firm. Andrew Shaw, managing partner, said that the launch of an alumni network is a natural step for a large firm.

“We’re proud of our people, and that doesn’t end when they move on from Lane Neave,” Shaw said. “We are genuinely interested in the lives of our former colleagues and we like to find out about what they are doing now.”

The firm is encouraging anyone previously with Lane Neave to register for the new network through its website.

“Our alumni network is about staying connected with our former colleagues, who we believe will be great ambassadors for our firm,” Shaw said.