Judge amends decision to demand lesbian couple return their baby

by Samantha Woodhill17 Nov 2015
The US judge who ordered that a married lesbian couple in Utah give up their one-year-old foster child, who had been in the care of the couple for three months, has reversed his decision.

The decision by judge Scott Johansen, which was based on research that children do better in heterosexual homes during a routine court hearing last week, caused a public outcry.

“This is all about sexual orientation, not what is best for the child,” foster parent Beckie Peirce said.

The couple told media last week that they planned to appeal the ruling.

Johansen has not publically mentioned any religious beliefs that came into play during either decision; however a report by the Washington Post noted that he received his law degree from Brigham Young University which is operated by the Mormon Church.

The initial ruling was met with harsh criticism by gay rights groups who said the decision is puzzling as the child’s biological mother and the local child services department, were in support of the adoption.

While the child welfare agency has welcomed the judge’s decision to allow the baby to stay with the foster parents, officials fear the order could be temporary, the Gazette Union reported.