IPLS to offer full-time onsite Profs

by Hannah Norton17 Jun 2015
The Institute of Professional Legal Studies is to offer a 13-week full-time onsite Professional Legal Studies Course (Profs) in 2016.

The announcement came this week following consultation with New Zealand’s legal profession.

“Over the past year a number of law firms have expressed interest in a full-time onsite option,” IPLS national director Bernadette Wilson said.

“With several major course development projects now complete, the timing is right to start work on such a course.”

While the blended learning course, which comprises a combination of onsite and online seminars, continued to form the majority of the institute’s 2016 schedule, it is pleased to offer the new full-time onsite option, Wilson said.

“The onsite seminars are an important element of our existing programme and are always rated very highly by our trainees.

“Being in the classroom allows trainees to practice their skills in a safe and supportive environment and receive immediate, detailed individual feedback on their performance.

The development of the new offering also provides an opportunity for IPLS to expand the library of transactions used to teach the required 11 skills.

“IPLS has always maintained a strong focus on competency-based, skills training.

“Our approach is that skills are transferrable across a broad range of transactions so we are taking this opportunity to include additional corporate and commercial transactions typically undertaken by a first year lawyer in a law firm,” she said. 

Trainees interested in enrolling in the new course should contact IPLS via the “Any Questions?” button on the IPLS Home Page at www.ipls.nz . Enrolments will open on 1 September.