Invercargill lawyer’s app makes buying a home easier

by Sol Dolor23 Sep 2016
An Invercargill lawyer has launched an app to help people navigate the legal intricacies of buying a home.
Called EasyLaw, the app is the brainchild of Emma Stanley and was made with the help of fellow Invercargill companies Back 9 Creative Studio and Digital Stock.
It only took three months for the app to go from an idea to being available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, a report from the New Zealand Law Society revealed.
The specialist in property law noted that the app was inspired by the dearth of apps in New Zealand which has a compilation of legal information about buying a home.
“I wanted to get it up and running as fast as possible because like all good ideas, you never know when someone else might pop up with something similar,” Stanley, who established her eponymous law firm Emma Stanley Law in 2014, told the organisation.
Stanley also noted that the app’s name was intended to be flexible enough so it could be expanded to cover other areas of law. This takes away a barrier to market the app to other law firms and organisations, she said.
EasyLaw provides situational advise for potential homebuyers by categorising them into three groups: people who have no idea about the legal requirements to buy a home, people who have found a potential buy but have no idea what’s next and people who have made an offer and need to know what legal steps to take to complete the transaction.
Apart from this initial grouping, the app also provides definitions and checklists which are easily monitored by the law firm to determine whether help is needed or not.